Principal information

Cantal, a singular cheese

Cantal is one of the oldest French cheeses.
Thanks to its appelation granted in 1956, it is to this day crafted in and around the slopes of the Cantalian volcano, which contributes to the unmatched quality of the milk used. The savoir-faire of the men and women who make this cheese is unique, and it is passed down from generation to generation.

an all-time great, a unique flavour

A large cheese (400 liters of milk are needed to make one 40 kg round) which can be kept and aged, Cantal offers three different possibilities for your tastebuds, according to its aging : Young, from one to two months of aging, it quickly recalls the characteristic softness and pleasant flavour of milk and butter.



From three to seven months, the Cantal 'entre-deux' presents a beautiful golden rind and gives off fruity notes. As for the old Cantal, cheese for real connoisseurs, it is aged at least 8 months in the cellar. Its flavour is rather strong, its spicy notes pairing nicely with its powerful nose.

Young or old, a precious ingredient

Beyond the traditional cheese platter at the end of a meal, AOP Cantal is a simple cheese to cook with, one which is adaptable to any preference : with a piece of bread, diced into a salad, grated over pasta or a pizza, or even oven-roasted on all-time great adapted to the modern world !

Chefs in Cantal make no mistake about it: following an inititiave organized by the local Cantal producers, they have authored two never-before-seen 100% Cantal recipe books, for the books "Quelque part sur terre". Savoury, sweet, simple or sophisticated, traditional or ground-breaking, recipes with Cantal cheese always please at the dinner table !