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Wild flight

Have you ever dreamed, like Icarus, to fly among the clouds? Today you can live out such a dream alongside great migratory birds such as swans, cranes, or geese. Let yourself go on a migration in the skies above the Cantalian countryside. A unique adventure found nowhere else in the world, totally extraordinary.



This guardians of the sky welcome you into their world, which is an indescribable experience, something that has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. At take-off, an overwhelming joy takes over the passengers, thankful for their successful escape from the Earth. And just as the greatest moments are always better shared with others, celebrate your maiden ‘flight with the geese’, enjoy a glass of champagne and receive your certificate to make the experience official.


And to perfect the dream, sleep like a bird, perched at 900 m above sea level, in a majestic beech tree overlooking an extraordinary view of the Jordanne valley, and the surrounding landscape.


€775 /couple

2 night stay with a 2 person flight

Starting from 15 March 2014


“Fly with the Geese”




15130 St SIMON
Tel: +334 71 62 39 02 
Mobile: +336 07 42 77 56