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Unforgettable hikes to exceptional locations

Jean-François, State-certified mountain guide, offers visitors several different hikes around the Cantalian volcano. According to the season, you will either go off in search of orchids on the massif, come across a pair of chamois along the ridges of the Peyre-Arse, or discover a marmotte nest at the cirque d’Eylac.

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You’ll believe you are in Mongolia when visiting the Limon plateau, surrounded by free-range horses, you will visit the most beautiful burons of the massif, you’ll see the stars in the Cantal night sky, which has an incomparable purity, you’ll go to listen to the bellows of the red deer, just next to the holiday house (sometimes young stags will come down the mountain and get within 200 meters of the farm!).


You will also be able to explore the forest of Pinatelle, and learn pathfinding. And who can say, that while taking a small detour around a pine tree, a few mushrooms decide to make their way into your pack?

Here it’s Cantal, anything is possible, especially what’s best!

This programme, far from being exhaustive, is totally adaptable according to your preferences, experience, desires…Every possibility on offer in Cantal, and any time of year, are possible. Contact Jean-François to learn more!



The vacation rental/country inn “La Boudio” is situated at 1100 meters altitude in the Santoire valley, in the heart of Cantal, at the foor of the Puy Mary, and is the ideal accommodation for discovering this astoundingly beautiful region.

La Boudio can welcome guests in bedrooms or in dormitories, by simple night stay or half-board, a weekend or a longer stay, it’s all up to the guest!



Starting from €30/person (half-board)

Half-board includes dinner, a night’s stay and breakfast.

La Boudio

Christine and Jean-François Petiot
15300 Lavigerie

Tel : +334 71 20 81 87

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