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The night of the shepherd

When you think about a ‘place to get away’, you probably often imagine some distant land. Not so fast! That beautiful get away is sometimes just around the corner. Bernard, a Cantal native, knows something about this. Thanks to his ceaseless passion for his region and a good measure of courage, he patiently and deliberately renovated one of the oldest burons in Cantal, “la fumade vieille”, with its back to the mountain and facing a breathtaking view. This place will whisk you away.

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Share your dreams, stories…and those of Bernard, mountain guide. He will tell you tales of the pastoral nights of old shepherds, and as close to the stars as you can get, just like the shepherds themselves, you will spend your nights in this extraorindary shelter.




€85/adult, €55/child 5 to 18 yo,

€225/family (2 adults + 2 children)


This price includes:
- guided hike with a mountain guide
- traditional Auvergnat meal in the evening

- overnight stay
- late-night gatherings 
- breakfast


La Fumade Vieille
Bernard Montimart
Burons du Cantal
15800 Saint Jacques des Blats
Tel: +334 71 47 13 64

Mobile: +336 71 77 09 04