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Mountain biking trip: 'Cantal Volcano'

Here we go for 2, 3 or 4 days of mountain biking along the trails, through the pastures and over the ridges of the immense Cantalian volcano. Come whenever you please and enjoy the natural beauty of Cantal.

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The Gîte-Hôtel Bellevue has chosen its “best picks” biking trails for you, which will successively take you across the ridges of the volcano, forests or plateaus, but will also take you along the paths of history (the path of St Jacques de Compostelle), all for a varied and diverse mountain biking experience. Feel free to choose your preferred type of trail, based on your desire and skill level.

And if you really want to ensure a quality experience, why not engage the services of a mountain biking instructor, who can help you to discover the great outdoors of Cantal thanks to their knowledge of the local terrain…





Starting at 52 / person / day

For lodging in a double bedroom, half-board, with maps and trail plans included (mountain bike rental not included in this price; rentals available on-site).


Florence & Luc MARTIN
Tel: +334 71 20 01 22

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